Hello there. I am GavOnyx, a composer who makes ‘Open-Source’ music.

I have been composing and producing music for over six years. I strive to make up-beat simple music using classical compositional techniques.

I strongly believe in the Value-for-Value model and the open source movement/philosophy. As such, all of my music is free to download –and most of the project files are available as well. Well, there is some nuance to it… it is free, but not royalty-free (see the disclaimer and other info on the music page).

Use the links at the top of the page to browse my stuff. I recommend checking out Top Picks for newcomers.

Donate an amount meaningful to you, and download my music.

An Interesting 2 Projects:

Demo: “Stepping Stones” Copyright: 2021, GavOnyx
Demo: “Polyrhythmic Yeet” Copyright: 2021, GavOnyx

here’s a microwave. Copr. 2022, GavOnyx