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OldiesMoldiesRestructureHippo FartThe Whole PictureAuxyliary WorkHorizons – *Disclaimer*



This is a collection of my latest and greatest work. Each piece on this album was made either on Garage Band or on Ableton. Though it is unreleased, every piece on this album is worth a listen. During the creation of this album I dove into 20th century compositional techniques, so each piece is better in terms of the conscious theory behind it. 11 Tracks.

Bit Track
Dive Helmet
Out of Mayo
Automatic Glasses
Young Man
Hard Vibe
My Time in the Mist

Auxyliary Work


This album is a collection of my nearly forgotten Auxy tracks. These were created alongside the works of Restructure and Hippo Fart. The album is unreleased and unorganized so here it is in alphabetical order. Chicken Strut is my favorite so far, but Crule Falkon is probably better because its a collab with MattC. 12 Tracks.

Been There, Done That
Beetle Teeth
Chicken Strut
Crule Falkon
Damp Swamp
Die Blaue Löwe
Die Gelbe Löwe
Die Grüne Löwe
Die Rote Löwe
Theory Final
Tron Inspired

The Whole Picture


This album is a collection of my more experimental works. Each work is composed in one of the two Whole Tone scales. The previews are not currently available but you can download them here.

  • Ein Moment
  • Nervenaufreibend
  • Irreführung
  • Frust
  • Mühe
  • Seltsam

Hippo Fart


Like Moldies is to Oldies, Hippo Fart is the B-side to Restructure. It contains pieces that embody my growth as a composer. There is one gem in there; Overlord. A great piece and another collaboration with Matt. 16 Tracks.

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Dark Troop
Skippn Rocks
Sog Bog
Stoat Adventure
I Got It (From The Cooler)
Snurt Byrt
8th Sky
Hyper Bang
Graced Roots
Fox Flute
Wasp Whistle



This album represents my later and best work of the pieces I made using the application ‘Auxy.’ Tracks Rooster Feet (2) and Counterplay (3) were made in collaboration with Matt. My favorite pieces on this album are Cougar Boi (11) and Ru (12). 12 Tracks.

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9-bit Electric
Rooster Feet
Jealous Yesigator
Lazy Tiger
Poppy Party
Wunderer Almost
Cougar Boi



Moldies is the ‘B-side’ to my first album. It is a collection of the pieces that were not quite good enough for the regular album. Like with Oldies, each track was created using Auxy. 12 Tracks.

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Car Alarm
The King
Aethral Star
Felled Star
And He Stood
Dimly Lit
Beat the Clock
Soft Cheese
Mocking Bird – I Do Not Own This
2018 Happy Birthday Song – I Do Not Own This



The first album ever released containing a collection of some of my first pieces ever composed. The main genre is techno. Each piece was created entirely using the application ‘Auxy.’ My favorite piece is “Power Walking” (track 7). 12 Tracks.

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Aggressive Shrubbery
Blue Lion
Daisy Maw
Demo Project Remix
Doop Door
Electro Dinner
Power Walking
Smoth Train
Tom’s Couch
Turtle Time


I, GavOnyx, own the copyright to all music on this page except for the two pieces –which are already labelled; “Mocking Bird” and “2018 Happy Birthday Song” from the album “Moldies.”

Posting/re-posting any of these (or any other recording of these same songs) anywhere on the internet, distributing/selling physical or electronic copies, or playing this music in a public area, without permission, is a crime. Do not do any of these things without express and written permission from GavOnyx.

To contact GavOnyx, email him at

OldiesMoldiesRestructureHippo FartThe Whole PictureHorizons – *Disclaimer*