This music is NOT royalty free; I own it. If you wish to use it, send me an email at and give me credit where applicable (i.e. in the description section for videos). See below for more info.

.zip Music Project Files- more coming soon
“Auxyliary” WorkAuxy – File 1File 2
ExtrasAbleton + GarageBand
HorizonsAbleton + GarageBand
Hippo FartAuxy
Left: zipped .mp3 files of the whole album. Right: zipped project files and notes.

I use the Value-for-Value model pioneered by Adam Curry. My music is free to download from this site. If you get any value out of my music, give back a little value in some way.

Here’s how you can give value back:

  • Donate an amount of money meaningful to you
  • Edit/remix my music (send me an email if you do)
  • You can arrange my music for other or real instruments

Even though I am providing the project files, I still own the copyright over the music. You are welcome to remix, edit, and change them as you please. But if you plan on posting the edited versions anywhere, please send me an email first, and give me credit in some fashion.

The best way to give back the value you got from editing my music, is to give me a cut of the action. As little as 10% of the revenue would make me happy (but of course, you can always give a little more).

The best way to give value back from arranging the music for real instruments is to record a group playing it and sending it to me. I would love to hear others take part in my music.

Thanks to all who got value out of my music, and an extra thanks to those who gave some value back!