I am GavOnyx, a musician, composer, digital artist, and music producer. I began composing over six years ago alongside my friend and fellow composer, Matt. We used a highly intuitive app called Auxy for years before switching to Garage Band and then to Ableton.

Nowadays I consider my music to be experimental. I employ an electronic sound (using Helm to create tones), but I do not make EDM. Some of my inspiration comes from They Might Be Giants, J.J. Johnson, and Claude Debussy. I admire the odd, upbeat, punk rock feel of TMBG, the speed and complexity of J.J.’s Bebop, and the beauty of Debussy’s atonal music.
I incorporate these elements into most every one of my pieces; a good mix of more modern styles and 20th century music theory.

Besides music I enjoy using GIMP to create and edit images. All artwork you see on this website are original –most created from scratch by myself. I also enjoy making stickers for the application Telegram Messenger (which I highly recommend the Matrix protocol is cooler but telegram is still great). You can see my work by going to the “Images” page.

You can find my music on Spotify and pretty much every other web service out there.

I have an Odysee account where you can listen to music and watch videos I make.

Theres also this Blog which is now ‘legacy’.

I have a PayPal account open for donations. Every donation of any amount helps. Thank you to all who support me!