Space Game: FX – Finns eXploration ~in space~

This is a page where I will post updates, notes, and code to the adaptation of ‘space game’.

Date (YYMMDD): 220809. Topleft: cxxmatrix (just cool), topright: a grid generated based on the size of the window, bottomleft: no one cares, bottomright: vsc with the code for the grid.

FLOWCHART V1 of the gameplay structure

Here are some of my thoughts:

General Overview

The game will be randomly generated/procedural. The data in each tile or area is held in a 2d array. I have not yet settled on the size of the array but im thinking at least 10×10. You’ll be placed in the center tile and the camera is focused on you. By either using the directional arrows or clicking, you will navigate through space. You engage with whatever is in the tile by pressing enter or space. Most tiles are optional but whenever a tile with ‘hostiles’ (space pirates and such) the tile will be automatically entered, and combat will ensue.


For combat I’m thinking of a sort of asteroids type deal. A top down perspective with a simple sort of physics engine. Flying will be done with the arrow keys. Instead of meteors or asteroids, there will be opposing ships of variable number and strength. See more on the tiling system below.
Im thinking there would be some sort of auto-attack mode where in combat, certain weapons are set to automatically fire. The accuracy and effectiveness would depend on the weapon and more importantly, the quality of the computer system controlling the weapon.


Other types of tiles would be Spaceports, Planets, perhaps asteroids/meteors, and of course, empty space. Moving through each tile would take up fuel, which can be replenished by stopping at a spaceport. At spaceports (or perhaps a new kind of tile) there will be warp systems/pay to use hyperdrives. Those will allow you to travel to other spaceports on the map.

Moving through the map regularly would involve either using the arrow keys or by using the mouse to select a visible tile. Using the mouse method, The most direct path will be calculated. Your ship will automatically move unless it encounters hostiles, in which case combat is begun. You could also select a type of tile to search for, so that using the mouse, instead of stopping only for hostile interactions, your ship will also stop for that specific kind of tile.

Not Final, i mean bruh look at that skull. Terrible


Money will be gained through selling scrap, selling parts of the ship, trading goods found in exploration, and perhaps even missions (ie find this planet with some stuff/person on it, bring me the stuff/person).

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if you happen to find this page accidentally, congrats. This is in development and will be released later, source code and all.